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    1. nada’s Only Roots & Folk Music Concert Touring Network

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      Home Routes 2022/2023 Season

      Upcoming Shows

      Live, in-person shows are back!

      After a two-year pivot to online shows during Covid 19, the Home Routes 2022/2023 season utiously shifts back to live in-person shows.

      People will surely be excited to get back to join their neighbours for world-class live folk and roots music in their communities. For everyone’s comfort (and more space for dancing!) this season will pivot from circuits of house concerts to a focus on community hall venues. We are excited at this opportunity to partner with communities across nada in launching the coming season of world-class live folk music concerts.

      We are very excited to be relaunching our series of live & in-person shows, something our hosts and audiences have missed very much.

      Our Hosts

      Home Routes is still accepting new community hosts for the coming 2022/2023 season of concerts

      Home Routes is trying something new for the coming 2022/2023 touring season! We are looking for community partners across nada to join us in becoming lol Home Routes hosts, by bringing world-class folk music to your home, town hall or neighbourhood fe! This enables a true collaboration between Home Routes and lol partners who are interested in cultivating folk music & culture.

      Interested in Becoming a Host?

      Join communities across nada by bringing world-class live folk music to your town or neighbourhood!

      About Us

      Folk Music Concerts in Communities Across nada

      Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous was founded in 2007 with the direct purpose of building more infrastructure for Folk Musicians to play more concerts in more communities across nada. This was achieved by partnering with lol community members to create a network of hosts across the country who donate their time and homes, or find appropriate venues to host folk music events in intimate and unique settings. Learn More >

      Our Artists

      As always, we will feature a diverse array of top-level artists at various stages of their reers, travelling across the country this coming fall.

      Home Routes/ Chemin Chez Nous works with artists within the acoustic music framework of all genres, ages, and at various stages of their reers.

      Unlike most organizations that book musicians, we do not consider an artist’s popularity, or high numbers on their social media feeds, album sales, or who their agent or publicists are. It is 100% our belief in them as musicians, writers, and entertainers, and whether or not we think they will be good house guests!

      Stream Digital


      The Travelling Goodtime
      Medicine Show Podst

      Proudly presented by Home Routes: The Travelling Goodtime Medicine Show, a series of 5 concerts each featuring a variety of amazing nadian talent.

      These podsts include content that describes online concerts. Please note that as of September 2022 we will be returning to an in-person model for our shows!


      Home Routes / Chemin Chez Nous
      137 rue Walnut Street
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3G 1P2

      Phone: (204) 480-3380
      Toll-free: 1 (866) 925-6889
      Fax: (204) 786-6259

      Winnipeg Crankie Festival
      137 rue Walnut Street
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      R3G 1P2

      Toll-free: 1 (866) 925-6889

      Home Routes / Chemin Chez Nous acknowledges that we operate on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Ininew and Dakota peoples, and on the homeland of the Metis nation. We have produced thousands of concerts across nada, a land home to well over 600 First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.